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Sponsors for AirCargo 2021 are able to get their message to a diverse audience of corporate leaders and compliance managers from across all parts of the air cargo supply chain. AirCargo has a variety of sponsorship opportunities and is willing to develop a customized program to suit your needs. Questions? Contact AirCargo 2021 headquarters at: (703) 361-5208 or Fiona Morgan by email at

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January 27, 2021 | 1pm-2pm Trade, Geopolitics and the Economy in the Wake of the 2020 Election

  In January Pete Mento will address what we can expect as an industry on how the results of the US election should impact global pressures to the economy. In this session we will take a look at the direction trade policy, changes to logistics infrastructure and the over all global economy ought to run. In a non partisan, lively and energetic way, we will take a macro economic look at this changing world.

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May 19, 2021 Is JIT Still Alive? Reshoring & Inventorying, Can Warehousing Keep Up With Demand?


July 21, 2021 ICAO 2021: How it is Impacting Truckers, Forwarders, Cargo Airlines and Airports


September 22, 2021 The Ground Handling Dilemma


Speaker Lineup
Speaker Lineup
Pete Mento, Keynote Speaker

Vice President of Global Trade and Managed Services for Crane World Wide

Pete Mento specializes in the elimination, recovery and minimization of duties associated with importing and exporting. He also assists companies with import and export trade compliance, audit defense and cargo security programs. He is considered one of the most insightful and connected trade professionals in the world. Pete is a highly sought-after speaker for events all over the world. His style of mixing economics, history and humor is always a welcome change for his clients and students. His Trade School webinar series has become the standard for staying up to date on issues of global commerce and his podcast “Trade Geek” boasts over 10,000 subscribers. He is the most unlikely trade nerd you will ever meet.
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