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07:00 AM - 02:30 PM Golf Tournament

Avery Ranch Golf Club features the best golf in Central Texas and a real Hill Country golf experience. Former Jack Nicklaus Architect, Andy Raugust, has blended panoramic vistas and gentle rolling hills with oak-lined fairways and a 60-acre lake.  The 18-hole championship course offers 5 tee placements that will challenge the low-handicapper while creating an enjoyable golfing experience for all levels of players.  The course begins with a very challenging front 9, including the picturesqe #7 signature hole.  The back 9 is a unique blend of three par 3’s, three par 4’s and three par 5’s, allowing players to use a more risk/reward strategy.  The round closes with “the best finishing hole in Austin”.  The 18th hole is a beautiful 477-yard, par 4 bordering Avery Lake and providing a fantastic view of the Texas Hill Country.

Avery Ranch features the best Tif Eagle greens and 419 Bermuda fairways and tees in the Austin area. All GREENS ARE DOUBLE-CUT DAILY to ensure the most consistent putting surfaces in Central Texas.

Avid Golfer Magazine rates Avery Ranch #1 for Best Place To Host a Corporate/Charity Golf Event, Best Overall Course, Best Clubhouse, Best Dining Area, Best Par 4’s, Best Par 5’s, and Best Closing Hole.

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09:00 - 20:00 Registration Desk Open

Moderators: Sasha Goodman, General Manager, Rock-It Cargo USA, LLC, Sandy Gregory, RIM logistics

Presenter: Kristina Tanasichuk, CEO, Government Technology & Services Coalition

A key panel that draws well every year, we are planning another great event between the end of golf and our Sunday day activities and the opening night reception for AirCargo 2018.

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07:00 PM - 10:00 PM Sunday Evening Reception

Our Grand Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall gives all attendees a chance to meet with friends, business partners, and customers, as well as promoting the opportunity to meet with prospective customers.

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07:00 AM - 08:15 AM Monday Morning Breakfast

Be sure to take the opportunity to have a great breakfast with our exhibitors before making your way into the Keynote Address immediately following the meal.

07:00 - 16:00 Registration Desk Open
08:15 AM - 08:30 AM Association Presidents Welcome

The leadership of our four co-presenting Associations will be on hand to introduce themselves, thank you for attending AirCargo 2018 and share with you last minute items about what is in store for your time at the conference.

08:30 AM - 10:00 AM KeynoteView Pete Mento's Bio

Pete Mento is the Vice President of Global Trade and Managed Services for Crane World Wide. In this role he leads the development, marketing and innovation of Customs, Regulatory and Global Trade Products, Secured Transportation Offerings, Management Consulting, Integrated Managed Services and Software Solutions.

Pete is a Customs House Broker, Foreign Relations Expert and Trade Academic. He is one of the world’s leading experts on International Trade Policy and Supply Chain Security. He is also an often-quoted source on the development of the U.S. and Global Economy and the role that trade policy has played.

Because of his passion for the topic and his skill at illuminating complex (and often dry) topics in international trade and economics, Pete is a highly sought after speaker all over the world. A former professional standup comedian, he has conducted sold out lectures to tens of thousands of people in every imaginable venue – from University lecture halls to night clubs. His style of mixing economics, history and humor is always a welcome change for his clients and students. He is the most unlikely trade nerd you will ever meet.

The AirCargo 2018 keynote is jointly sponsored by the AfA, AEMCA, ACI-North America and XLA.

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10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Monday Morning Break

After a great breakfast and keynote from Pete Mento, join your fellow attendees in the Exhibition Hall before your Association meetings begin at 10:30.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Association Membership Meetings

Meet with your respective associations to discuss matters of importance.

11:30 AM - 01:30 PM Monday Lunch

After productive Association meetings, we hope you’ll join us and your fellow attendees in the Exhibition Hall for a buffet lunch. Be sure to stop by exhibitor booths and drop a business card for one of the many great prizes that will be drawn on Tuesday at 1:00.

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01:30 PM - 03:00 PM e-Commerce: The Growth Engine for the Air Cargo IndustryView Bob Imbriani's BioView Char Dalton's Bio

Moderator: Bob Imbriani
Featuring: Char Dalton

Every statistical measure shows exponential e-commerce global growth. And all projections are that growth is expected to double in the next five years will continue to expand in the coming years. Surveys say that more people want to shop online and get their packages ASAP. So are there opportunities for your company amidst the e-commerce boom? Absolutely!
This session on e-commerce fulfillment will focus on the great opportunities within this industry sector and how you capitalize on them. It will also focus on electronic commerce regulatory challenges and what your company must do to be compliant to compete.
With e-commerce fulfillment booming this is the session for you to find out how to be a player and position your company to maximize the substantial revenue opportunities.

These are the questions that will be explored during this session.

03:00 PM - 03:30 PM Monday Afternoon Break in Exhibit Hall

Get some valuable face time with our exhibitors between our e-Commerce and Marketing sessions this afternoon while you get that afternoon jolt of caffeine and sugar to make it through the rest of the day.

03:30 PM - 04:30 PM Marketing Evolution: Building Customer Relationships that SellView Brooks Thomas's BioView Scott Case's Bio

Presenters: Brooks Thomas, Southwest Airlines and Scott Case, Position : Global

Digital marketing is a term which encapsulates a variety of ways to deliver a message to prospective and current clients. Whether video, paid search, sponsored posts or a presence across platforms, a multi-pronged attack not only increases brand awareness but lets a potential buyer start further down the funnel, accelerating the time to sale and reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Gone are the days of “spending money without being able to quantify impact.” Join Brooks and Scott in this fireside-chat style session where they will show examples of what Southwest Cargo has done with video and other digital platforms and how they track and follow buyers into the funnel until they convert. They will also be finding and sharing examples from member companies and offering their insights on how to crawl, walk and run at different levels of budget and spend.

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM TSA Session on New Compliance Standards (SSI Only)View Brandon Fried's BioView Jim Conway's Bio

Moderators: Brandon Fried, Executive Director, AfA & Jim Conway, Executive Director, XLA
Speaker: Robert Moore, Transportation Security Administration

Our industry realized a victory with the long-sought implementation of the Change 6 and the accompanying revisions of the IACSSP program. With this achievement comes the imperative that your team understands the new compliance templates and the need to adjust your operations to ensure your company is compliant. We will have the senior TSA compliance team with us for this session, and they will go over in depth all of these compliance changes from employee training to ID verification standards. And you will also have the opportunity to directly engage TSA with your individual questions on any issue important to your company. All SSI certified attendees are urged to attend this session to ensure you have the best possible understanding of the new cargo regulatory rules.

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM AEMCA / ACI-NA Session: Airport congestion and how can we work together to overcome it?View Raymond Brimble's BioView Adam Rod's BioView Mike Oslansky's BioView Matt Hodson's Bio

Moderator: Adam Rod, Assistant Commissioner of Planning, Chicago Department of Aviation

Panelists: Ray Brimble, President & CEO, Lynxs Group, LLC, Matt Hodson, Vice President of Operations, Summit NW Corp., Mike Oslansky, Director, US Cargo Operations, United Cargo

Airports aren’t getting any larger. Surrounded on all sides by cities or natural barriers, they must work more intelligently to balance the needs of passengers and cargo. But what about the trucks who need to gain entry and exit to facilities that are decades old and not built for today’s larger trucks or the number of airlines they handle today.

Complicating this, cargo volumes are anticipated to increase by sixty percent in the next two decades.

Working together through increased understanding and better technology and planning, can we begin to solve the problems?

07:00 PM - 10:00 PM Monday Evening Reception

With the first full day of sessions and learning under our belts, it’s time to chill out and relax with our friends at American!

The American Airlines Cargo Comedy Central Evening Event is a fantastic chance for you to unwind and do more networking. Three comedians will battle to get your vote, which in turn will give you a chance to win tickets from American Airlines.

Monday evening’s event proudly sponsored by:

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07:00 AM - 08:00 AM Tuesday Morning Breakfast

As we get ready for our second full day of sessions and conference activities, be sure to get started with a delicious breakfast in our Exhibit Hall with our exhibitors.

08:00 - 14:30 Registration Desk Open
08:00 AM - 09:20 AM Shipper Contracts and Master Service Agreements – Practical Advice for Reeling in the Big Fish.View Glen Hall's BioView Rob Reeb's BioView Hank Seaton's BioView Karen Rzeszutko's Bio

Moderator: Karen Rzeszutko        
Panelists: Glen Hall, Rob Reeb, Hank Seaton, Karen Rzeszutko

Many shippers demand that business is done on their terms, not yours and to do so requires an understanding of the contract and its obligations, but just as important is the art of negotiation and a meeting in the middle. Learn from the experts on how to master this dance, seal the deal, and protect your company at the same time.


08:00 AM - 09:20 AM Growing Your Business: Critical Lessons LearnedView Bryan Schreiber's BioView Trevor Caswell's BioView Andy Lyall's BioView Doug Bañez's Bio

Moderator: Doug Bañez, Managing Director, Hubpoint Strategic Advisors

Presenters: Andy Lyall, Manager, Air Service Development Cargo, Halifax Stanfield, Bryan Schreiber, Business Development Manager, Air Cargo, Columbus Regional Airport Authority and Trevor Caswell, Cargo Demand and Resource Sector, Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

Ten years ago a comprehensive study was undertaken on behalf of Halifax International Airport to guide their business & economic development.

Highlighted in the findings were the business operations of the Huntsville, Edmonton, and Columbus airports. The study examined  data on each aspect of its operations including airline schedules, cargo handling, transportation access points, maintenance, employees training, and facilities. Our panel will report on the results of this study and if business opportunities did grow for its airline, cargo and trucking partners. And they will also provide their findings on the critical actions and reactions necessary to grow a business in our industry.

09:20 AM - 09:30 AM Change over panels
09:30 AM - 10:30 AM Data for air cargoView Ken Roberts's Bio

Presenter: Ken Roberts

Data is the latest buzz word. What is it and what can it do for your company? This panel will explore what the role of data is in air cargo and how can to use it increase your efficiency, as well as new ways to collect the right data for your company.

09:30 AM - 10:30 AM The logistics workforce of the futureView Melissa Gallardo's BioView Raphael Rosenblatt's Bio


Presenters: Melissa Gallardo, BCS Placement; Raphael Rosenblatt, Grads of Life

There is a growing workforce crisis. Studies show that finding workers with the necessary skill levels is it is getting increasingly more challenging for companies to find workers with the necessary skill levels to fill their job openings. And This problem is particularly acute in all sectors of the cargo industry, so our panel of Human Resource experts will tell you why tapping into the millennial workforce is critical. They will instruct you on how your company can identify millennials motivating factors and how to recruit the best candidates for this generation so you can have the qualified personnel you require going forward.

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Tuesday Morning Break

Take a break with our exhibitors! Be sure to use this time have some of those meetings before our 11:00 AM panels kick off. It’s one of your last chances to drop your business card for drawings as well!

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Air Cargo Market OutlookView Doug Banez's BioView Greg Gildemann's Bio

Moderator: Doug Bañez, Managing Director, Hubpoint Advisors
Panelist: Gregg Gildemann, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Last year was an impressive year for air cargo growth, significantly exceeding expectations.  In this presentation, Boeing will focus on air cargo market dynamics and provide its perspective on the air cargo market, providing insights into what is driving the growth and prospects for the future.

12:00 PM - 02:00 PM Tuesday Lunch

Join us for lunch in the Exhibition Hall! This will also be your last chance to drop business cards for the drawings which will begin promptly at 1:00 and winners must be present to win.

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02:00 PM - 03:00 PM International Trade and Commerce ChangesView Tom Gould's Bio

Presenter: Tom Gould, Senior Director, Customs and International Trade, Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A.

Our nation’s bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade agreements create the playing field for global competition. From the news, you have heard much about the potential economic impact of the withdrawal of the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement as well as possible changes to NAFTA, KORUS and other agreements. In this session, we will have an expert who will analyze current trade policies and any impact that changes might bring. They will also discuss where importing and exporting opportunities are for your company and how to capitalize on them.

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM Cargo’s Technology Revolution:  Value Added Solutions Available NowView Rick Bridges's BioView Chris Kalinski's BioView Steven Winyard's Bio

Moderator: Rick Bridges – VP Client Development and New Product Development – Roanoke Trade, Inc. and AfA Board Member

Panelists: Chris Kalinski – Strategic Consultant – Oxford Managament Consultants
Steven Winyard – Portfolio Strategy Manager – Inmark Packaging

While drones and driverless trucks may be on the horizon, a quiet technological revolution in the supply chain has already taken place and its solutions are available now.  Cargo sensors, mobile asset tracking and packaging technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years.   Data collected from sensors can now deliver automated solutions for key performance indicators allowing you to monitor profitability and efficiency.  This session will bring together industry veterans and innovators to discuss solutions that can bring value to your clients and profit to your bottom line.  Along the way we will also announce a secret innovation in which you will be the first to hear and see the details.

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Closing Evening Event

As we say farewell to AirCargo 2018 and look ahead to next year, Southwest Cargo is sponsoring our farewell event.

The Texas soul extravaganza sponsored by Southwest Cargo is the place to listen to some great music and a last chance to network until next year! Make sure you pack your cowboy boots! Casual dress is appropriate.

Tuesday Night’s Closing Event Proudly Sponsored By:

Southwest Cargo