Robert Petti
Founder and CEO of Lading

Robert Petti is the Founder and CEO of Lading, a software and services company that focuses on the logistics industry.

Robert began his career at Gilbert USA, a Maersk-owned warehousing and trucking company, where he focused on visibility into driver route profitability and also redesigned the driver pay structure to better align revenue with expenses. Following Gilbert’s sale to NFI Industries, Robert joined Toll Global Forwarding (TGF) where he was responsible for designing and development of a global visibility and analytics platform for the company that, for the first time, displayed all TGF’s revenue and expenses in one central view.

After the sale of Toll to Japan Post, Robert launched Lading to provide software, hardware, and services to top retailers, manufacturers, carriers, warehouses, and 3PL/4PL companies around the world. Robert is the author on two pending patents, including one for a blockchain-backed smart contract building tool designed for users with no coding knowledge.