Dale Weiss
Senior Vice President, CommCore Consulting Group

Dale Weiss heads the Dallas practice and has a twenty five-year career spanning media, public affairs, politics and communication training.  The companies he has worked with include General Motors, Texas Instruments, General Electric, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson and Proctor & Gamble. Dale who is also Practice Leader of CommCore’s PressureTest™ Crisis Simulations has been affiliated with CommCore since the 1990’s,  counseling clients on presentation skills, crisis preparedness, media and meeting facilitation skills for corporate CEOs and executives in a wide range of positions including the marketing, technical, medical, and scientific disciplines. Previously Dale was a vice president of corporate communications for a global pharmaceutical company.  In this strategic role he directed communications programs across the world to help drive sales, enhance the company’s reputation, and further open the lines of internal communications.

Dale began his career as a television anchor and reporter.  He then moved to Washington, DC where he was Director of Broadcasting and Advertising for one of the national political party organizations.  During this time he worked with Members of Congress and two White House Administrations in communications and message development.