Dan Muscatello
Managing Director, Cargo & Logistics, Landrum & Brown

Dan, after heading cargo operations for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, worked as a private developer of air cargo facilities, and subsequently as Managing Director, Cargo and Logistics for Landrum & Brown where he is responsible for leading major cargo analyses and planning studies for airports throughout the world. He has led the development of air cargo master plans for JFK, EWR, ATL, LAX, and ORD as well as a number of airports in China where he serves as strategic advisor to the city of Shanghai.

In 2012 his team finalized a comprehensive analysis of the JFK: he is currently planning for the world’s largest air cargo operation for the new airport in Dubai, and completed facility development and strategic plans for Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bogota. In total, he has planned more than 20 million square feet of air cargo facilities at airports all over the world. He has served as the aviation expert on New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Planning Committee, and as the Port Authority’s aviation expert on ISTEA issues.

At the request of the Argentinean government, he also led a special consulting assignment on privatizing that nation’s air cargo industry and has served as a subject matter specialist for the TSA on cargo screening. He has a B.A from New York University and an M.B.A in Executive Management with distinction, from Pace University.

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