Mr. Alterman photo
Stephen Alterman
President of Cargo Airline Association

Stephen Alterman is the President of the Cargo Airline Association where he leads the Association in promoting the all-cargo air carrier industry, formulating industry policy and overseeing the Association’s daily activities. Steve is also a Senior Partner in Meyers & Alterman, a Washington, D.C. law firm specializing in air transportation law.Steve began his career in aviation in 1968 in the Bureau of Enforcement for the United States Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). Initially hired as a Trial Attorney, he was soon promoted to Chief of the Legal Division. In 1975, he joined the Cargo Airline Association as Executive Director and in 1982 took the lead role as President.Steve’s educational experience includes a law degree from Boston University School of Law (1968) and an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (1965). He is a member of the District of Columbia Bar.