Three Reasons to Attend the AirCargo Conference

3 Reasons to Attend the AirCargo Conference

The annual gathering of air cargo logistics professionals and the companies who support the industry, the AirCargo Conference attendees come from every corner of the United States and around the world to network, learn and socialize. The majority of our attendees are managers, senior leaders and owners of businesses looking to reconnect with old friends, create new opportunities and participate in thought-provoking sessions with recognized leaders and government regulators.

Why should you be at AirCargo this year?


Video meetings don’t generate great discussions. The spontaneous ideas that come from being in a room together don’t happen on video calls and more people with different backgrounds and perspectives make for better outcomes.


The best conversations are the ones we get lost in. Who hasn’t enjoyed hearing a presenter or audience member in one of AirCargo’s amazing educational sessions and had a follow-up conversation to delve deeper into a topic of interest?


One the most affordable conferences of its kind in North America. For participating association members, registration, travel, and lodging are priced to ensure that attendees do not have to question whether attending AirCargo is a budget-breaker for the rest of the calendar year.

The AirCargo Conference is simply the greatest value for a professional in the air cargo and adjacent industries to attend, learn, network and immediately bring ideas to save time and money to their companies and find vendors who can provide much-needed services to increase efficiency at a time when everyone is moving at breakneck speed.

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