Three Reasons to Be an Exhibitor

3 Reasons To Exhibit

WIth the Air Cargo Conference quickly approaching, you might be considering picking up an exhibitor booth to share your offerings and services to those in attendance. Well, if you’re on the fence, we are here to help encourage you with three reasons why!

Here are 3 reasons why being an exhibitor at AirCargo is a wise decision.


In person is so much better than with zoom. It is great but it won’t get you mingling with the others in the room as much as you could be. Being on the floor showcasing your expertise helps you to make acquaintances & come away with more business connections than you ever thought possible. It’s up to you to make a splash at this event, so don’t be shy! The water is fine.


You want to be where Decision Makers are! Make the connections to further your business today and make a future for yourself that is as vibrant as New Orleans. AirCargo is attended by the top brass, so be sure to step in and make yourself known so you too can become a future industry leader! Whatever you’re trying to do, The Air Cargo Conference is the best place to start!


Conveniently meet all the Airlines, Freight forwarders, and business partners all in one location. When we gather you can meet up with friends, business partners, and make new acquaintances along the way! When you join us for this event, you can really see the people that make things happen in the logistics world and join in. Don’t sit back and wait this one out, join us today and meet the logistics leaders of the future and now.

There are still plenty of exhibitor opportunities for this year’s event.

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