Unique Sponsorships: Outside-the-Box at AirCargo

Unique Sponsorships: Outside-the-Box at AirCargo

Want to sponsor the Air Cargo Conference so you can get your name out there, but don’t want to dish out the megabucks to have the diamond sponsorships? Well, we have an out-of-the-box solution for you! Here are five ways you can get your name out there for all to see at the event.

Floor decals are quick and easy ways to point people in the right direction for your exhibit and have people see your name as they walk the floors of the event to each of the panels.

Elevator displays in all 10 elevators will have people noticing you on their way to another panel and maybe even take a detour in your direction! Hundreds of people use elevators at these events, which means it’s time for you to put yourself out there to be seen.

We have 20×3 banners that go across the walls and above the rooms in the event center that can declare your brand and name across the halls. Have your logo and mission statement plastered for the world to see during the event!

There are box towers that will be spaced throughout the event center advertising your name and logo. Make your mark on the event with box logos that stand tall and proud with your name on them.

And, saving the best for last, we have lightbox sponsor ads available. These displays come with a massive display that allows you to do more than just the standard logo and mission statement. You can design a message with different aspects of your company highlighted for all to see. The possibilities are endless. Or at least 8’x3’ of advertising. 

Sponsor with us today and get your name out there for all to see and be a part of the Air Cargo Conference 2022!

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